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This guide will show you how to replace the sponge rubber on the feed breakers in your printer. I did it with 2 rings of tube — one to lever and second to coil part. Do a test page. Step 6 Remove control board. Using a spudger or a flat-head screwdriver you can easily loosen the clips see picture 2. In addition, the front paper cassette must be removed by pulling out to release one of the clips.

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The toner cartridge really lasts forever, so it may be possible to print with it for the next 15 years: Only had to do Registation and Tray feeds as the Manual Feed has never been used so needed no fixing as foams looked like kjocera. At the red marked areas usually sits black foam rubber.

To reinstall the feed breaker in the printer, follow this step in reverse order.

Kyocera FS1010 Printing Off The Page- How To Fix

In the green marked kyocfra normally sits black foam rubber. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the Philips screw that holds the memory cover on the right side of the printer in place. The green marked cables are very tight and difficult to loosen. It is recommended to replace the foam rubber directly with all feed breakers.


The issue is the noise deadending foam pads deteriorating over time and turning to goo. Step 2 Remove memory cover.

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After cleaning and replacing the sponge rubber, the metal fork can be re-attached to the retraction breaker. Worked for me too. Step 6 Remove control board. Use a slotted screwdriver, a spudger or something similar to remove the sponge rubber.

Kyocera FS Specs – CNET

After the spot has been cleaned, new sponge rubber or something similar e. Step 17 Final result and review. Nevertheless, it is advisable to replace the foam rubber directly on all parts in order to permanently eliminate the problem. Do a test page. One in on the solenoid fs1100 the other is in the printer its self.

In most cases, not every entry-breaker causes problems. Antony King – August 24 Reply.

Step 3 Remove top cover. Step 11 Remove old sponge rubber on the metal bracket. Just a quick note -In step 6 I could not remove the green marked cables – I just left them attached and removed the board – there was enough slack in the cables to let me complete all the other steps no problem fs1100 the board still attached to the two cables.


To do this, follow step kyocea in reverse order. It is not managed by iFixit staff. Be careful not to damage them. Thank you so much for writing this!

The registration has 2 lots of foam and usually both will need removing.

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This will move the text up or down. Step 10 Remove first feed breaker. On all four intake breakers, the old sponge rubber was removed and replaced.

Using kyovera spudger or a flat-head screwdriver you can easily loosen the clips see picture 2. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: To check whether the repair was successful, you can press the metal fork against the feed breaker by hand. Just now repeared my Kyosera