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It’ll give you dark and grainy results from many webcams. Then to use it on the Web, do this. In order to adjust your audio and video settings, please follow the steps given below: You install two sets of Windows drivers for it, one for still camera mode, one for webcam mode. Each program has Options that have to be setup in order for the Audio and Video to function properly. The EZDual Cam also has Ulead Cool , a panorama stitching package that lets you take an arc or circle of overlapping pictures and fuse them together. And you can take the battery out for as long as you like and keep your pictures.

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At this point, the Dual Cam behaves like an ordinary small-aperture fixed-focus point and shoot camera.

If you put the switch in the PC Cam position, it reports itself as a webcam. The delivered price for the EZDual Cam ought to be less than two-thirds of that. Here’s the by low light shot click the picture to get the full resolution image There are also three compression modes, which are named according to ancient tradition Good, Better and Best.

Go to Messenger at the top left and click on it. Next go to the Test Audio section and in iiu writing click on “Open the call setup assistant” and follow the instructions on the left window.

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The nifty red coating might have something to do with reflecting unwanted infra-red light, or it might just be cosmetic. Don’t show this again. And here’s the by Dual Cam ezcwm, in the Best compression mode.


Getting what you paid for Although the EZCam II lii with only a one-page quick-start guide and no user manual, the camera was extremely easy to connect and set up on our Windows 98 SE test bed.

The software setup process for all of the cameras is OK, with only a few of the usual cheap-Taiwanese-hardware problems. Answered on Apr 27, The color accuracy is surprisingly good, but poor focus, general murkiness, lack of detail, and the camera’s struggle eaonics low-light settings quickly overcome any gains in color rendition.

Ezonics EZ Cam III Web Cam Driver

The camera and audio should function properly. It’s not too bad.

The EZDual Cam also has Ulead Coola panorama stitching package that lets you take an arc or circle of overlapping pictures and fuse them together.

I bet it’d foul up similarly on any firewalled network.

There’s also a standard tripod thread. That’s surprisingly good; I was expecting the Dual Cam to be thirstier. When it’s not tethered, the Dual Cam runs from a standard nine volt battery.

But it’s cheap and cheerful, has flexible features that are actually good for something, works fine as a webcam, doesn’t eat its battery too fast, and has a decent software bundle. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.

Ezonics USB cameras compared

You can use any resolution with any compression mode, and you can mix pictures of different formats in the memory as you like as well. Technically, the camera’s resolution ranges from x to x, but the maximum useful resolution is x But it’s not for advanced users anyway, and the camera works OK with NetMeeting. They’re cute and the low-res ones are cheap, ezcan they’re very limited. This is par for the course for webcams, including name brand ones from Logitech and the like.

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Posted on May 02, Be the first to answer. In general, even major tweaking does little to make overall image quality anything above mediocre. It feels more expensive than it is, and its penchant for overexposure is better than the dim and dismal images that are more usual for cheap webcams. It looks pretty much the same as Better, ezonocs you ask me.

Ezonics EZCam III EZ-307 Web Cam

In order to adjust your audio and video settings, please follow the steps given below: The Audio and Video Tuning Wizard will appear to help you ezomics that your lii, speakers and microphone are working properly.

Beyond that, though, I can’t tell you anything about the Ezonics video chat application, since it refused to believe it was connected to the Internet. If the batteries go flat, or you remove them, you lose the memory contents.

The four-way button isn’t actually for menu navigation; each direction just performs a different function, like showing you how much image storage is left, or changing resolution.