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Topolino e le sue avventure Micky Mouse wild adventure italian title but language english. Guida e collection files sbi PS1 Per creare un files. I also may be written postal! Now, I am unable to do that. When I tried to save the game which happened to be Final Fantasy Tactics if that is any help the emulator freaks out and corrupts the memory card. What about files “.

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If fails to do so, which means that you don’t have DirectX yet and you better download the latest version of it from the post I made above.

When trying to load a. If you move the mouse while playing, you will reveal gnome-panel.

Plus, what game your intend to play? Topolino e le sue avventure Micky Mouse wild adventure italian title but language english. We proceed If you have already proceeded to peoos and configure ePSXe without success, do not scruple and eliminate everything to start over.

No such file or directory Error OmniJoy Controller 2: I have a Logitech Dual Action game pad.


Cuz the lunar SSSC game i have working is. I managed to configure it fine with pSX, but I prefer pcsx or epsxe can’t get epsxe to work. Most importantly CD plugin Did you have those bios file listed below?

Thank You so much. What should I do? Shadow Madness ITA maybe protect. This package should contain everything you need to play PSX games in Linux. Tombi — sces it multilanguage maybe protect.

ePSXe tutorial | RomUlation

Digimon World — sles M5 maibe protect. Start to think that your disc is corrupted unless you’re pretty sure that the game is oeops on the real console. These are simply recommendations based on which plugins “normally” achieve optimum performance in most PCs. Right click on the file you want to extract select extract here to extract it inside of that folder.

I get the error for “not finding padjoy” pekps i start pcsx from terminal so i think the problem could be solved by doing a install from src i atleast hope to get some config files. I just deleted everything and started over, and know I got it to work perfectly.


ePSXe tutorial

Parasite eve 2 ITA protect. Now I’m totally enjoying the game. Cardinal Syn — sces it maybe protect. Those emulators lag really well! Locale not supported by C library.

I couldn’t get the patch from the website you mentioned but luckily someone had put it on their own site until the site you mentioned was oeops up! The program should start shortly.


Urban chaos — sles M5 protect. I’m gonna give it a try, cause I have RE3 here sitting doing nothing.

I have 4 “. Just in case you don’t have it: But when I try running it with the CD and Subchannel read, it just cofnigure.

Necronomicron ITA maybe protect.